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We supply Atlantis Rail Cable Railing

Per a Press Release distributed 6/23/2014.

American Pole and Timber is an authorized dealer for Atlantis Rail Systems, a leading manufacturer of stainless steel railing systems.

See Atlantis Rail on our website.

Eric Lincoln, Sales Manager at American Pole and Timber says, “We chose to become a dealer of Atlantis Railing Systems products primarily because their stainless steel cable railing systems are a natural fit for many of our custom residential and commercial projects. Our customers immediately see the value and quality in the products. They also provide a ton of options for fasteners, cables, and other components so we can connect our customers with just about any solution we think of.”

Atlantis Rail System, based in Plymouth, MA, is a division of Suncor Stainless, Inc. They specialize in prefabricated stainless steel cable railing systems which are easy to install and offer unobstructed views. More information about Suncor and Atlantis is available here: http://www.atlantisrail.com/contact-atlantis

Because it is stainless steel, Atlantis Cable Systems’ cable railing does not rust and requires little to no maintenance other than cleaning or polishing as preferred. Glass railing systems and handicap railing systems are also available. Additionally, there are many upgraded options available such as LED lighting integrated into the railing and wooden top rails.

American Pole and Timber provides stainless cable railing systems for commercial and residential projects. The components and systems can be ordered individually or as part of a complete project order along with treated timbers, lumber, timber trusses, decking, and other hardware.

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